Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kerala psc LD Clerk English grammar expected questions 2013

Kerala psc LD Clerk English grammar expected questions 2013

1. 'Offspring' means:
(A)In spring
(B)Away from spring

2. The synonym of 'expiry' is:
(D)Medical store

3. I am older than you, _____?
(A)Aren't I
(B)Amn't I
(C)Am I
(D)Isn't I

4. He is _____ honourable man.

5. Find the correct meaning of a 'Paper Tiger':
(A)A tiger made weak by old age
(B)A tiger made of paper
(C)An important threat
(D)A light joke

6. The meaning of a child of fortune is:
(A)A child born to rich parents
(B)A person peculiarly success
(C)A rich man
(D)A fortunate fellow

7. Philately refers to:
(A)Stamp collection
(B)Pen friendship
 (C)Exchange of stories
(D)Exchange of cultural programs

8. The rickshaw had a beautiful capote. A capote is:

9. A person who makes Supreme Sacrifice for a noble cause

10. He is very popular _____ his employees:

11. Please get out my way. You are _____ me in my work.

12. My preparation for an examination is generally _____.

13. When he spoke over the phone his voice was so _____ that I could hardly hear it

14. I _____ wait ) for you for the past three hours.
(B)Did wait
(C)Have been waiting
(D)Had waited

15. He walks as if he _____ (be ) mad.

16. The children were playing _____ (happy) in the park.
(C)With happiness
(D)With happily

17. This agreement will _____ (strong) the friendly relationship between two countries.

18. If you had taken tea, I _____ (also take).
(A)Had also taken
(B)Would have also taken
(C)Would also take
(D)Had been also taking

19. Neither Meera nor her brother _____ present today.

20. Translate this passage from English _____ Hindi.


1. (C) Child
2. (A) Termination
3. (A) Aren't I
4. (B) An
5. (C) An important threat
6. (B) a person peculiarly success
7. (A) Stamp collection
8. (A) Hood
9. (A) Martyr
10. (C) among
11. (C) hindering
12. (A) fair
13. (D) faint
14. (C) have been waiting
15. (D) were
16. (B) happily
17. (D) strengthen
18. (B) would have also taken
19. (D) Is
20. (A) to