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Kerala psc English grammar questions

Kerala PSC frequently asked English grammar questions
1. The word that is more or less similar in meaning INDUSTRIOUS is:
(a) productive
(b) manufacture
(c) diligent (√)
(d) arrogant

2. She claims to be able to ............... the future
(a) foretell (√)
(b) foresight
(c) freedom
(d) forewarn

3. “One should never live beyond one’s means”
What does means in the sentence mean?
(a) way
(b) ends
(c) sense
(d) wealth(√)

4. He failed............. his best efforts
(a) contrary
(b) in spite of (√)
(c) apart from
(d) regardless of

5. Which of the following is an incorrect sentence?
(a) The book provides a lucid account of the subject
(b) This book is my one means of getting to the subject
(c) These titles are of the highest interest to scholars
(d) May I lend this book from you for a few days? (√)

6. Which of the following is correct?
(a) Platinum is a precious substance (√)
(b) A platinum is a precious substance
(c) The platinum is a precious substance
(d) Platinums are precious substance

7. Which of the following is correct?
(a) The French speak French (√)
(b) French speak the French
(c) The french speak French Language
(d) French speak the French language

8. We heard the teacher give him a piece of advice what is the passive form?
(a) He was given by the teacher a piece of advice
(b) The teacher was heard to give him a piece of advice(√)
(c) He was heard to be given a piece of advice by the teacher
(d) The teacher was heard by us a gave him a piece of advice
9. Combine the following sentences into a complex sentence:
He shot an arrow. The arrow and it fell on the rooftop
(a) He shot an arrow and it fell on the rooftop
(b) He shot an arrow but it fell on the rooftop
(c) The arrow he shot fell on the rooftop(√)
(d) The arrow that fell on the rooftop has been shot by him

10. He asked whether such a thing was possible. The direct form of this sentence is:
(a) He said , ‘ ‘is such a thing possible?’’ (√)
(b) He said, ‘‘was such a thing possible?’ ’
(c) He said, ‘‘will such a thing be possible’ ’?
(d) He said, ‘‘whether such a thing was possible’

11. I have borrowed this motorbike .............. a friend
(a) of
(b) from (√)
(c) by
(d) to

12. John does not remember .............. he lent his umbrella to
(a) where
(b) when
(c) who
(d) whom(√)

13. He used to be a good cricket player ...............?
(a) wasn’t he? (√)
(b) used in’t he
(c) isn’t he?
(d) didn’t he?

14. The soil of Kuttanad is more fertile than
(a) Kottayam
(b) of Kottayam
(c) that of Kottayam(√)
(d) at Kottayam

15. John ............. visit the library everyday
(a) used to (√)
(b) invariably
(d) frequently

16. Mary is ................ older than what she appears
(a) very
(b) much (√)
(c) litle
(d) some

17. If I .................. the time, I would have spent a few more days with you.
(a) got (√)
b) had had
(c) did have
(d) was to have
18. In the tournament team  A........ team B
(a) won
(b) lost
(c) beat (√)
(d) won to

19. Let’s have a game of chess ........?
(a) do we?
(b) have we?
(c) haven’t we?
(d) shall we? (√)

20. By this day next year, my brother ............ his course
(a) complete
(b) will complete
(c) will be completing
(d) will have completed(√)

21. The police is entrusted ............ the enforcement of law and order.
(a) for
(b) to
(c) with(√)
(d) at

22. Do not cry ........... split milk.
(a) over(√)
(b) at
(c) by
(d) for

23. The earth ................ round the sun.
(a) moves(√)
(d) moving

24. He thanked me for what I ..........
(a) have done
(b) had done(√)
(c) have been doing
(d) had been doing

25. I ................ something burning.
(a) smells
(b) am smelling
(c) have been smelling


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