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staff nurse grade 2 kerala psc previous question paper

Staff nurse grade Kerala PSC previous solved question paper
1. Breast is composed of:
(a)Glandular tissues only
(b)Connective tissues only
(c)Connective and fatty tissues
(d)Glandular and fatty tissues

2. Secrological study for prevalence of Hepatitis B is best by:
(a)Core antigen
(b)Core antibody
(c)Surface antigen
(d)Surface antibody

3. All of the following can have associated depression EXCEPT
(b)Sexual dysfunction
(d)Anxiety disorder

4. Bone marrow transplantation is recommended for all the following EXCEPT:
(b)Acute leukemias
(c)Thalassemia major
(d)Hbs diseases

5. HEMPAS test is positive in
(d)Sickle cell diseases

6. One set of post-partom disorders in usually between
(a)7 days
(b)7-15 days
(c)0-7 days
(d)0-3 days

7. Reduction of sleep in acute schizophrenic breakdown is mostly in:
(a)Stage 1 Non REM sleep
(b)Stage IV Non REM sleep
(c)Stage III Non REM sleep
(d)Stage II Non REM sleep

8. Which of the following is out of place?
(b)Over inclusion

9. What is the limit of IQ, below which mental Retardation begins?

10. Which is out of place?
(d)Chlor prothixene
11. Fallopian tube is line by
(a)Columnar epithelium
(b)Squamous epithelium
(c)Ciliated epithelium
(d)Stratified epithelium

12. Immediate treatment Anuphylaxis is:
(b)Benzyl Penicillin

13. Which of the following sets of relationships is most likely to contribute to the development of neurotic illness?
(b)Extended family

14. Hepatitis B is NOT transmitted by:
(a)Breast milk
(c)Blood transfusion
(d)Cryo precipitate

15. All of the following are types of behavior therapy EXCEPT:
(a)Operant conditioning
(b)Implosion therapy
(c)Aversion therapy
(d)Free association

16. Society came into existence:
(a)Due to continuous evolutions
(b)Unknown reason
(c)Due to divine inspiration
(d)Force applied by human beings

17. All of the following are first rank symptoms of Schizophrenia EXCEPT:
(a)Delusional perception
(b)Passivity phenomenon
(c)Thought alienation

18. Triacylglycerol Synthesis is enhanced by:

19. Bruxism is:
(a)Awakens the sleeper
(b)Events can be duplicated while awake
(c)Seen in 5% of normal population
(d)Clenching and grinding of teeth in sleep

20. Mucocutaneous leishmamiasis is caused by:
(a)Leishmania tropica
(b)Leishmanic brazilienses
(c)Leishmaina donowani
(d)None of these


1)     d  2)     c  3)     d  4)     a  5)     c  6)    a  7)   b  8)   b  9)   d  10)  b  11)  c  12)  a  13) 
14)  d  15)  d  16)  b  17)  18)  a  19)  d  20)  b

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