Monday, May 20, 2013

Fields of studies complete list

Fields of studies

Koniology                    --------->Study of atmospheric pollutants and dust
Ktenology                    --------->Science of putting people to death
Kymatology                  --------->Study of wave motion
Labeorphily                  --------->Collection and Study of beer bottle labels
Larithmics                     ---------> Study of population statistics
Laryngology                 --------->Study of larynx
Lepidopterology           --------->Study of butterflies and moths
Leprology                     --------->Study of leprosy
Lexicology                    --------->Study of words and their meanings
Lexigraphy                   --------->Art of definition of words
Lichenology                  --------->Study of lichens
Limacology                   --------->Study of slugs
Limnobiology                --------->Study of freshwater ecosystems
Limnology                    --------->Study of bodies of fresh water
Linguistics                     --------->Study of language
Lithology                      --------->Malariology Study of malaria
Mammalogy                 --------->Study of mammals
Mariology                     --------->Study of the Virgin Mary
Martyrology                 --------->Study of martyrs
Mastology                    --------->Study of mammals
Mathematics                 --------->Study of magnitude, number, and forms
Mammalogy                 --------->Study of mammals
Mechanics                    --------->Study of action of force on bodies
Meconology                 --------->Study of or treatise concerning opium
Melittology                   --------->Study of bees
Mereology                    --------->Study of part-whole relationships
Mesology                     --------->Ecology
Metallogeny                  --------->Study of the origin and distribution of metal deposits
Metallography              --------->Study of the structure and constitution of metals
Metallurgy                    --------->Study of alloying and treating metals
Nidology                      --------->Study of nests
Nomology                    --------->The science of the laws; especially of the mind
Noology                       --------->Science of the intellect
Nosology                     --------->Study of diseases
Nostology                    --------->Study of senility
Notaphily                     --------->Collecting of bank-notes and cheques
Numerology                 --------->Study of numbers
Numismatics                 --------->Study of coins
Nymphology                 --------->Study of nymphs
Obstetrics                     --------->Study of midwifery
Oceanography              --------->Study of oceans
Oceanology                  --------->Study of oceans
Odology                       --------->science of the hypothetical mystical force of od
Odontology                  --------->Study of teeth
Oenology                     --------->Study of wines
Oikology                      --------->Science of housekeeping
Olfactology                   --------->Study of the sense of smell
Ombrology                   --------->Study of rain
Oncology                     --------->Study of tumours
Oneirology                   --------->Study of dreams
Orthography                 --------->Study of spelling
Orthopterology             --------->Study of cockroaches
Oryctology                   --------->Mineralogy or paleontology
Osmics                        --------->Scientific Study of smells
Osmology                    --------->Study of smells and olfactory processes
Osphresiology              --------->Study of the sense of smell
Osteology                    --------->Study of bones
Otology                       --------->Study of the ear
Otorhinolaryngology     --------->Study of ear, nose and throat


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