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First in India (Female) GK questions

First in India (Female)

 >India’s first woman president: Smt. Pratibha Patil
>India’s first woman Prime Minister: Smt. Indira Gandhi
>India’s first woman governor: Sarojini Naidu
>India’s first woman ruler (On Delhi’s throne): Razia Sultan(1236-1240)
>India’s first woman I.P.S. Officer: Kiran Bedi
>India’s first woman I.A.S. Officer: Anna Gorge (Malhotra)
>First woman Chief Minister of a state: Sucheta Kripalani(U.P)
>First woman Union Minister: Rajkumari Amrita Kaur
>First woman president of INC: Annie Besant
>First woman Judge of the Suprime Court: Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi
>First woman to climb on Mount Everest twice in the youngest age: Dicky Dolma
>First woman to climb on Mount Everest twice: Sontosh Yadav
>First woman to get Ashok Chakra: Nirja Mishra(after death)
>First woman to get the Raman magsaysay prize for public service: Kiran Bedi
>First Indian woman Ambassador at United Nations: Vijayalakshmi Pandit
>First woman Union Minister: Amrut Kuar(1947)
>First woman Bank Manager (Syndicate bank, Bangalore):Shanta Kumar (1962)
>First woman News reader on ‘Door Darsan’: Pratima Puri
>First woman to perform in United Nations Organization: M.S. Subbulakshmi (1966)
>First woman to participate in Olympic Games: Merry Lila Ro
>First woman kabaddi coach to win Dronacharya Award: Sunil Dabas(2012)
>First woman to win bronze medal in boxing in Olympic Games: M.C.Merry Kom(2012)
>First woman to win bronze medal in badminton in Olympic Games Saina Nehwal (2012)
>First woman to win gold medal in Asian Games (race-400m) Kamaljeet Sandhu (1970)
>First woman World Boxing Champion for five times: M.C. Merry Kom
>First woman to win International Grand Master prize in chess: Bhagyashree Thipse
>First woman awarded by ‘Arjuna Prize’: N. Lamsaden (Hockey, 1961)
>First woman to make Hat trick in International Football: Yolanda Deesuza
>First woman to get 100 wickets in International woman cricket: Diana Edulagee (1986)
>First woman to make world record in Power lifting: Sumita Saha (1989)
>First and only woman to participate in three games (Cricket, Hockey and Basketball): Shirine Khusaro Kiyash
>First woman to win bronze medal in Common Wealth Games: Ami Ghiya-Kanwal Thakur Singh, (Badminton, 1978)
>First woman Chairperson of Indian Science Congress: Dr. Aashima Chatarjee
>First woman Director General of Police: Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya
>First woman Finger print specialist: Sita varathambal and bhragathambal (sisters)
>First woman commissioner of custom and central excise: Kaushalya Narayan(1970)
>First woman editor of first woman’s magazine: Kamla Swaminathan (Indian Ladies magazine, 1901)
>First woman chairperson of the U.P.S.C.: Rose Million Bethews
>First woman Director general of Indian Medical Research Commission: G. V. Satyavati
>First Indian woman to swim across the English Channel: Miss Arati Saha (now Mrs. Arati Gupta)
>First woman to reach Antarctica as a member of Antarctica Campaign Team: Dr. Aditi Pant (1983)
>First woman to live most days on Antarctica: Dr. Kawal Sandhu (472 days)
>First woman to reach Antarctica: Mehar Musa (1977)
>First woman to reach north pole: Preeti Sen Gupta (1993)
>First woman to complete the round of world by a boat: Ujjavala Patil (1988)
>First woman to win International Swimming Marathon: Archana Bharat Kumar Patel (1988)
>First woman to cross Gibraltar Strait to swim: Aarti Pradhan (1988)
>First woman pilot in world to fly Airbus: Capt. Durwa Banerjee
>First woman to fly plane lonely of Indian air force: Harita Deol
>First woman commander in Boeing-737 airplane: Capt. Saudamini Deshmukh
>First woman Aircraft maintenance engineer in Indian airlines: Bhuwan Shree Gautam
>First woman Paratrooper in Indian Air force: Neeta Ghosh (1959)
>First woman Major General in Indian Army: G. M. Ram
>First woman to get ‘Shourya Chakra’: Galeriya Beri (after death)
>First woman to get Military Medal: Vimla Devi (1988)
>First woman pilot to fly the plane of Indian air force: Harita Deol
>First woman M.P. in central legislative: Radhabai Subairan (1938)
>First woman member in legislative assembly(Madras): Dr. S. Muthulakshmi Reddy
>First woman Deputy Chairperson of legislative assembly: Smt. Shanno Devi
>First woman mayor of a city (Madras): Tara Cherian (1957)
>First woman mayor to be in a least age: Panchmarthi Anuradha (26)
>First woman English writer in India: Toaru Dutt
>First woman Surgeon: Dr. Prema Mukharjee
>First woman Barrister (1923, Allahabad High Court): Kornoliya Sorabaji
>First woman Advocate: Regina Guhaa
>First woman Ambassador: Vijay Laxmi Pandit(1947, Russia)
>First woman to be Graduate (B.A.): Kadambini Ganguly, Chandramukhi Basu (kolkata)
>First woman M.M.B.S. (1889, Kolkata Medical Collage): Vadhumukhi Bose, Virginiya Mitter
>First woman Chief Engineer: P.K. Tresiya Ganguly
>First woman rail engine driver: Surekha Shankar Yadav
>First woman metro train driver: Meenakshi Sharma
>First woman cricket coach: Sunita Sharma
>First woman Circus player: Abda Bai Payrulakar
>First woman awarded by ‘Arjuna Prize’: N. Lamsaden (Hockey, 1961)
>First woman to win Norman Borlogue Prize: Dr. Amruta Patel (1992)
>First woman to win ‘Shahitya Academic Prize: Amruta Preetam (1956)
>First woman to win Lenin Peace Prize: Aruna Aasif Ali
>First woman to win ‘Shati Swaroop Bhatnagar’ Prize: Aashima Chatarjee
>First woman Chairperson of National Woman Commission: Smt. Jayanti Patnayak (1992)
First woman Graduate in Engineering: Illa Mazumdar (1951, Shivpur)
>First Indian woman to get the Nobel Prize: Mother Teresa (1979)
>First Indian woman to climb the Mt. Everest: Bachendri Pal
>First Indian woman to become ‘Miss World’: Miss Reita Faria
>First Indian woman to get Bharat Ratna: Smt. Indira Gandhi
>First woman to get Jnanpith Award: Ashapurna Devi
>First Indian woman to win WTA Title: Sania Mirza
>First Indian woman Airline Pilot Durga Banerjee
>First Indian woman to win a Gold Medal in Asian Games: Kamaljeet Sandhu
>First Indian woman president of Indian National Congress: Sarojini Naidu (1925)
>First Indian woman to win the Booker Prize: Arundhati Roy
>First woman chief justice in Mumbai High Court: Sujata V. Manohar
>First woman Session Judge: Anna Chandi (Kerala)
>First woman chairperson of planning commission: Smt. Indira Gandhi
>First woman Employment office: Jaipur
>First woman Chairperson of Import-Export Bank: Tarajani Vakeel
>First Actress in Indian cinema: Smt. Devika Rani
>First woman Deputy Chairperson of ‘Rajya Sabha’: Violet Alva (1962)
>First woman Secretary General of ‘Rajya Sabha’: V. S. Ramadevi
>First woman speaker of ‘Lok Sabha’: Smt. Meera Kumar
>First girl to win 5 silver medals in pre junior Chess competition, London: Taniya Sachdev
>First woman Musician to get ‘Bharat Ratna’: M.S. Subbulakshmi
>First Indian woman to go into space: Kalpana Chawla
>First Indian Woman to Climb the ‘Mt. Everest’ twice: Santosh Yadav
>First Indian woman to become ‘Miss Universe’: Sushmita Sen(1994)
>First Indian Woman Minister of Indian Railways: Mamata Banerjee


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