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Detailed syllabus of surveyor grade II water authority kerala

Detailed syllabus of surveyor grade II water authority kerala

(CATEGORY NO. 373/2010)

1.Surveying and Levelling -I

Divisions of survey, Principles,Classifications, plans or maps, scales, errors, Accuracy of  surveying, chaining, chain triangulation, Survey stations, fieldbook, crosstaflf survey. Theory of Prismatic and surveyor's compass, local attraction, dip & declination, plane tabling, advantages & disadvantages ,Two and three  point problems. Levelling instruments, benchmark, classifications, contouring, characteristics, Earthwork calculation.

2.Building Materials and construction

Manufacture of Bricks, characteristic of bricks, study of Lime, sand and cement Timber, seasoning of timber Principles and construction in brick masonry, Types of bonds, Type of foundations, DPC ,Arches, lintels, stairs, Door and windows Roofs and its types, kingpost and Queen Post truss  ,Planning and Designing of building, Principles and dimensioning, Principles of Orthographic Projection. 

3.Surveying and Levelling-II

Defenition and terms and Theodolite Measurement of  Horizontal and Vertical angles. Fundamental lines and relations ,consecutive co-ordinates, omitted measurements. Gales Traverse Table, Area calculation, Permanent adjustments setting out works ,Tacheometric Surveying.


Aims and objectives, Tools used in plumbing fixtures, Basic achievements Drainage and sewerage System, Drainge of waste water, Purifications of water, Public health engineering, systems of sanitation, sewers and drains, septic tank plumbing sanitary fixing.

5.Road Making

Principles of Road alignment, Classification of roads, WBM road, Methods and construction of roads. Road arboriculture. 


Types, Duty of water, Headworks ,Earthern bunds anddam ,Inlets and outlets, Tanks, Hydrology.


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