Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1. The convict was an incorrigible criminal. Here the word incorrigible means:
(C)Incapable of being reformed
(D)Can be reformed

Ans: incapable of being reformed

2. Raju is squirreling money away for his retirement. Here squirreling means:
(A)Giving away
(D)Put in a secret place for later use

Ans: Put in a secret place for later use

3. Securing a cross- party consensus on how to deal with clashes remained elusive. 'Consensus' means:
(C) Widespread agreement

Ans: Widespread agreement

4. Group of words pronounced or spelt in the same way but having different meanings:

Ans: Homonym

5. 'Arms and the man' is a drama written by :
(A)T.S. Eliot
(B)Bernard Shaw

Ans: Bernard Shaw

6. The words flammable and inflammable have
(A)Opposite meaning
(B)Same meaning
(C)Different meaning
(D)Entirely different meaning

Ans: Same meaning

7. To seek help from God in prayer and patience is hard save for the pious. Here the word ‘save’ means:

Ans: Except

8. Paul, the 'Oracle Octopus' has become a legend in the quadrennial football extravaganza in South Africa. Here the word quadrennial means :
(A)Occurring in every continent
(B)Taking place in July
(C)Occurring every four years
(D)Having four legs

Ans: Occurring every four years

9. What do you mean by 'topiary'
(B)Cutting plants in ornamental shapes
(D)Removing top parts

Ans: Cutting plants in ornamental shapes

10. Choose the correctly spelt word .

Ans: Licensee

11. One word for a group of islands .

Ans: Archipelago

12. In which play did the famous Shakespearean Character Falstaff appear ?
(B)The Tempest
(C)King Lear
(D)Henry IV

Ans: Henry IV

13. Mukesh and Anil decided to bury the hatchet. What do you mean by 'bury the hatchet ?
(A)Bury the treasures
(B)Become reconciled
(C)Stop all business
(D)Move court

Ans: Become reconciled

14. When Bill Clinton was the President of the U.S.A., he was charged with the following allegation by the jury:
(B)Sexual assault
(C)Divulges secret
(D)Challenges the court

Ans: Perjury

15. Who wrote Asian Drama ?
(A)Gunnar Myr Dal
(B)Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(C)Sashi Tharoor
(D)Amartya Sen

Ans: Gunnar Myr Dal


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