Friday, March 16, 2012

Kerala Sub inspector of police exam 2010 solved paper

1.Bottles of fruit juice, squash, soup are certified by ----------- to testify the purity an quality of food

Ans: FPO

2.Bow mans capsule is a part of
(B)Liver cells

Ans: Nephron

3.Who is considered as the Father of Modern Psychology ?
(A)Sigmund Freud
(B)Frank Parson
(D)Truman Kelley

Ans: Sigmund Freud

4. Who is the author of Man-the-Maker of his own Destiny?
(A)Rabindranath Tagore
(B)Mahatma Gandhi
(C)Swami Vivekananda

Ans: Swami Vivekananda

5. The technique adopted to find out the level of acceptability of an individual by the members of a group is:
(C)Personality testing
(D)Projective technique

Ans: Sociometry

6. Par sec is unit of :

Ans: Distance

7. Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of
(A)Carboxylic acids
(B)Adipic acid
(C)Sulphonic acids
(D)None of these

Ans: Sulphonic acids

8. The ultimate source of energy is :

Ans: Sun

9. Non-metals are generally bad conductors of electricity . However graphite is a good conductor of electricity because it:
(A)Is an allotrope of carbon
(B)has loosely bound electrons
(C)is brittle
(D)forms basic oxide

Ans: has loosely bound electrons

10. Thiokol is a :
(A)Vulcanised rubber
(B)Raw rubber
(C)Natural rubber
(D)Synthetic rubber

Ans: Synthetic rubber

11. A solution of washing soda is:
(D)None of these

Ans: Basic

12. Anaemia is caused by the deficiency of all of these except :
(B)Vitamin B 12
(D)Folic acid

Ans: Zinc

13.  The "Navaretnas" Lived during the period of :

Ans: Gupthas

14. The Ashtadiggajas belonged to ---------- dyanasty:


15. Kandalur Salai is an ancient university of :

Ans: Cheras

16. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang visited the pilgrim center of -------- in South India

Ans: Kanchi

17. Din- Ilahi is a religion founded by :

Ans: Akbar

18. Name the only Malayalee President of the All India Congress Committee :
(A)K. Karunakaran
(B)A.K. Antony
(C)Sir C. Sankaran Nair
(D)George Joseph

Ans: Sir C. Sankaran Nair

19.       The revolt of 1721 at ------------ is the first attempt against foreign domination from the south.

Ans: Attingal

20. The -------- company was the last to leave India after Independence.

Ans: French


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