Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tagline or Punchline of Various Companies

Inspire the Next -– Hitachi

Breathe Easy -– Blue Star

A diamond is forever -– Debeers

Get More out of Now -– Dell

A Virtual World of Live Pictures -– Kodak

Relax! Its FedEx -– Fedex

Know How -– Canon

International Clothing -– Cantabill

Have it your way -– Burger King

The way to Fly -– British Airways

We turn on ideas -– Seagate

Drive your way -– Suzuki

Intelligence Everywhere -– Motorola

India’s International Bank -– Bank of Baroda

The network is the computer –- Sun Microsystems

It takes a licking and keep on ticking -– Timex

Solutions for a small planet -– IBM

The ultimate driving machine -– BMW

My Life. My card -– American Express

Invent -– Hewlett Packard

Dentist’s Choice -– Oral B

Never Follow -– Audi

Emotionally Yours –- Sahara

The worlds online market place -– Ebay

We Make It Happen -– IBM

Play the Lead -– Park Avenue


The world’s local bank –- HSBC


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