Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last grade servant company corporation model question

1) The Ph value of human blood is__?
A) 7.40
B) 7
C) 0
D) 8

ans:A) 7.4
2) The rarest blood group is __ ? 
A) O negative
B) B negative
C) AB positive
D) AB negative

ans:  A) O negative 

3) The metal present in hemoglobin is? 
A) Copper
B) Calcium
C) Iron
D) Aluminum

ans:  C) Iron 

4) Age of fishes was known as __ 

A) Devonian
B) Ordovician
C) Crustaceous
D) Silurian

ans:   A) Devonian 

5) The metal present in the chlorophyll?
A) Calcium
B) Aluminum
C) Zinc
D) Magnesium

ans:  D) Magnesium 

6) The important sugar in honey?
A) Lactose
B) Fructose
C) Maltose
D) Sucrose

ans:  B) Fructose

7) The number of Chromosomes in the human gene?
) 23
B) 48
C) 46
D) 24

ans:  C) 46 

8) Viticulture is related with __ ? 

A) Grapes
B) Pine Apple
C) Orange
D) Strawberry

ans: A) Grapes

9) The  Vinegar is otherwise called?

A) Citric Acid
B) Acetic Acid
C) Oxalic Acid 
D) Malic Acid

ans:  B) Acetic Acid 

10) The longest and largest bone in the human body? 

A) Spinal Cord
B) Humerus
C) Fibula
D) Femur

ans:  D) Femur

11) The average weight of the human brain?
A) 1,500 grams
B) 1,200 grams
C) 1,400 grams
D) 1,300 grams

ans:  C) 1,400 grams 

12) Which part of human brain is affected by alcohol?

A) Cerebrum 
B) Cerebellum
C) Medulla Oblongata
D) Corpus Callosum

13) The first heart Transplantation in India was in the Year? 

A) 3rd August 1994
B) 13th August 1994
C) 3rd September 1994
D) 13th September 1994

ans:  A) 3rd August 1994 

14) The largest organ in the human body is? 

A) Gland
B) Bone
C) Skin
D) Liver

ans:  C) Skin 

15) Which type of lens is used to correct myopia?

A) Convex lens
B) Concave lens
C) Biconcave lens
D) Biconvex lens

ans:B) Concave lens


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