Sunday, February 19, 2012

KSRTC reserve conductor exam 2008 part 1

1.    First hydroelectric project started in the year :
      (a) 1948                                         (b) 1950
      (c) 1940                                          (d) 1946

2.    Perumon tragedy is related with :
      (a) Vembanad lake             (b) Asthamudi lake
      (c) Sastamcotta lake                       (d) Irity lake

3.    India’s first television centre started in :
      (a) 1959                                          (b) 1962
      (c) 1969                                          (d) 1960

4.    Real name of ................ was Edson Arantes do Naseinento
      (a) Paulomi Ghatak                          (b) Pullela Gopichand
      (c) Baichung Bhutia                          (d) Pele

5.    Yakshgana is the dance form of :
      (a) Andhra Pradesh                         (b) Tamil Nadu
      (c) Karnataka                                  (d) Orissa

6.    A device which converts light energy into electric energy :
      (a) Photo electric cell                      (b) lead acid accumulator
      (c) Dry cell                                      (d) nickel cadmium battery

7.    The longest railway tunnel in India is on :
      (a) Southern Railway                       (b) Konkan Railway
      (c) Western Railway                        (d) Eastern Railway

8.    Blood group of universal recipient :
      (a) B                                               (b) O
      (c)AB                                              (d) A

9.    Price of an inland letter is :
      (a) Rs. 3                                          (b) Rs. 4
      (c) Rs. 2.50                                     (d) Rs. 3.50

10.   Who said ‘Things are numbers’?
      (a) Pythagorus                                (b) Graham
      (c) G.H. Hardy                               (d) Herodotus

11.   A pulse is considered as a substitute for milk :
      (a) Green gram                               (b) Peanut
      (c) Black gram                                (d) Soyabean

12.   The part of the potato do we eat :
      (a) underground stem                       (b) root
      (c) stem                                           (d) root nodes

13.   The gas combines with rain water and causes acid rain :
      (a) Hydrogen sulphide                      (b) Sulphurdioxide
      (c) Methane                                      (d) Ethane

14.   Main function of intestinal villi is to :
      (a) stimulate peristalsis                     (b) prevent antiperistalsis
      (c) provide a large surface area        (d)distribute digestive enzymes uniformly

15.   The disorder somanambulism is commonly known as :
      (a) Bird flue                                     (b) rat fever
      (c) sleep walking                              (d) meningitis


1.(c)    2.(b)    3.(a)    4.(d)   5.(c)   6.(a)   7. (b)   8.(c)   9.(c)  10.(a) 11.(d) 12.(b) 13.(b)  14.(c)  15. (c)


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