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KSRTC Reserve Conductor solved question paper-1999

 1.  Cattle is to Herd as sheep is to
 (a) Flock
 (b) Swarm
 (c) Crowd
 (d) None of these

 2.  Victory is to encouragement as failure is to
 (a) Sadness
 (b) Defeat
 (c) Frustration
 (d) None of these

 3.  Retirement is related to service as dismissal is to
 (a) Agreement
 (b) Employment
 (d) Adoption

 4.  Vijay ranks thirteenth in a class of thirty one. What is his rank from the last?
 (a) 15
 (b) 17
 (c) 19 
 (d) None of these

 5. A mountain always has
 (a) ranger
 (b) peak
 (c) snow 
 (d) valley

 6.  Trigonometry is related to triangles in the same way as mensuration is related to
 (a) Areas
 (b) Geometry  
 (c) Circles 
 (d) Polygons

 7.  Karnataka is to Banglore as ———— is to ––––––––
 (a) Mysore : Vrindavan
 (b) Haryana : Sonepat
 (c) Gujarat : Anand
 (d) Orissa : Bhubaneshwar

 8.  Water is to oxygen as salt is to
 (a) iron 
 (b) sodium
 (c) calcium 
 (d) proteins

 9.  BUS is coded as 251. STAND is coded as 13064. Then which of the following is code for   BADAKARA:
 (a) 20406071 
 (b) 20307080 
 (c) 20407080
 (d) 20307181

10.  If TICKET is coded as 123451 and RACK is coded as 6034, then the code for KEEP SAFE is
 (a) 4556 7085 
 (b) 4556 7084 
 (c) 4557 6545
 (d) 4556 0785

11.  If ABLE is coded as 1295 then BASE BALL can be coded as
 (a) 2135 2199
 (b) 2145 1299 
 (c) 2145 2195
 (d) 2135 1299

12.  If ABCD is coded as 1234. What would be the code of IDEA?
 (a) 9451 
(b) 8451 
(c) 8415
(d) 9415

13.  If SQUAD is coded as 53678 then GUARD is coded as
 (a) 26798  
 (b) 17698 
 (c) 17689  
 (d) 27689

14.  Let each District of Kerala be given a code. If the code of TRIVANDRUM is 01, the code of KASARAGOD can be
 (a) 014
 (b) 13 ;
 (c) 14 ;
 (d) None of these

15.  In KSRTC bus tickets in order to mark the fare stages numbers are given in coloumns from 1, 2, 3, ...... What is the maximum number given to mark the fare stage?
 (a) 56 
 (b) 48  
 (c) 57 
 (d) 49

16.  The number in the base two system equivalent to 7 of decimal system is
 (a) 101  (b) 110   (c) 111  (d) 1000

17.  Choose the number which is different from others in the group:
 (a) 12   (b) 25   (c) 37  (d) 57

18.  Choose the group of letters which is different from others:
 (a) BCD  (b) KMN   (c) QRS  (d) GHI

19.  Anil introduces Rohit as the son of the only brother of his father’s wife. How is Rohit related to Anil?
 (a) Cousin   (b) Son   (c) Uncle   (d) Brother

20.  Raman remembers that his father’s birthday is between 13th and 16th of June, where as his sister  Rema remembers that their father's birthday is between 14th and 18th June.  On which day is their father’s birthday ?
 (a) 14th June 
 (b) 15th June 
 (c) 16th June
 (d) None of these

  Pick out the word or phrase which best expresses the meaning of the word given in capital letters.

 (a) water (b) desert (c) illusion (d) None of these

22.  TIMID
 (a) fearful   (b) tasteless  (c) cowardly (d) None of these

 (a) completely  (b) severely   (c) naturally (d) None of these

 Choose a word which is closest to the opposite meaning of the word given in capital letters.

 (a) Rare  (b) Unusual   (c) Few  (d) None of these

 (a) Smooth   (b) Attractive  (c) Exposed  (d) None of these

      (a)  More             (b) Efficient         (c)  Inadequate     (d) None of these 

  1.(a)  2.(c)   3. (b) 4. (c)  5.(b)  6.(d)   7.(d)  8.(b)   9. (c) 10. (a) 11.(a) 12.(a)  13.(a) 14.(c)  15.(c)  16.(c)  17.(c) 18.(b)  19.(a) 20. (b) 21.(c)  22.(a)  23.(c)  24. (a) 25. (b)26.(c)

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