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KSRTC Reserve Conductor solved question paper-1999(2)

Complete the sentence by selecting the most appropriate choice given below.

27.Basheer ——— the S.S.L.C. examination in 1990.
 (a) have passed  (b) passed  (c) has passed (d) None of these

28.We seldom see ——— as others see us.
 (a)  we(b) us (c) ourselves  (d) None of these

29.He is intelligent enough ——— a first class.
 (a)  to get (b) got(c) gets  (d) None of these

30.Iron as well as coal ——— in India.
 (a)  found  (b)  are found(c)  is found  (d) None of these

31.As soon as the teacher entered the class the students ——— quiet.
 (a) will become  (b)  became (c)  become (d) None of these

32.They came here ——— year ago.
 (a)  an(b)  the (c)  a (d) None of these

33.He will be here tomorrow, ——— ?
 (a)  won’t he (b) will he (c) does he (d) None of these

34.We would hardly hear him, ——— ?
 (a)  couldn’t we (b)  would we (c)  could we  (d) None of these

 Choose the correctly spelt word among the alternatives given below.

35.(a)  Separate (b)  Seperate (c)  Seperete  (d)  Separete

36.(a)  Referrence  (b)  Refference  (c)  Refferance(d)  Reference

 Fill in the blank spaces by picking out the prepositions from the choices given below.

37.The hunter killed a tiger ——— one shot.
(a)  by(b)  at (c) with(d)  None of these

38.He insists ——— leaving immediately.
 (a)  on(b)  at (c)  for(d)  None of these

 Choose the appropriate word which closely fits each definition.

39.Person having profound knowledge:
 (a) Intelligent  (b)  Wise (c)  Scholar (d)  None of these

40.Collection of things kept in a hall for public show:
 (a) Exhibition(b)  Display (c) Fair(d)  None of these

 Each of the given idioms is followed by four alternative meanings of which only one is correct.  Choose the  correct one.
41.Take in
 (a)  Remove (b)  Understand(c)  Assume(d) Write

42.Throw cold water on
 (a)  Reject (b)  Refuse  (c)  Discourage (d)  Encourage

 In the following questions some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error.
               (a)                     (b)                    (c)                (d)
43.She always gets / angry on me / for nothing / No error.

            (a)                   (b)                 (c)                   (d)
44.I shall leave / for Madras / by 4.30 train / No error.

           (a)                    (b)                 (c)                (d)
45.One should / take-care of / her health / No error.

46.Who was the governor-general of India who declared the practice of “Sati” as illegal and punishable?
 (a)  Lord Dalhousie
 (b)  Lord Canning
 (c) Lord William Bentinck
(d)  None of these

47.Who presides over the meetings of the Rajya Sabha?
 (a) Prime Minister (b)  Vice-President (c)  President  (d)  None of these

48.One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to a distance of:
 (a) 69 miles(b) 60 miles (c) 34.5 miles  (d)  None of these

49.Under the PIN code system, the number of postal zones in India are:
 (a) 8  (b)  6  (c) 7 (d)  None of these

50.The layer of atmosphere close to earths atmosphere is known as:
 (a) Exosphere (b)  Ionosphere(c)  Troposphere(d)  None of these

27.(b)   28.(c)   29.(a)   30. (c)   31.(b)   32.(c)   33.(a)   34.(c)   35.(a)   36.(d)   37.(c)   38.(a)   39.(c)   40.  (b)   41. (b)  42. (c)  43. (b)  44. (c)  45. (c)  46. (c)  47. (b)  48. (a)  49. (a)  50. (c) 


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